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TIRI-501 - Push-Pull Puzzle
TIRI-501 - Push-Pull Puzzle
TIRI-501 - Push-Pull Puzzle

TIRI-501 - Push-Pull Puzzle

for children of all ages


At first glance the Push-Pull-Puzzle looks like any other puzzle, but it is so much more. This puzzle is 2-sided. The front side has pictures of 12 common objects and can be completed like a regular puzzle. This puzzle is a must-have for anyone working with children on pointing skills, taking turns, following a point, or following directions.


PUSH - The PUSH feature makes this puzzle unique

The back side has the same 12 pictures embedded into a scene featuring “Chez” the monkey sitting in a wagon. There are holes on the back behind each picture. The puzzle pieces are magnetized and stay in the puzzle as you hold it up vertically. Children can be taught to point to pictures by having them “push” or “poke” the pieces out of the puzzle. The pieces fall out of the other side making it very exciting and enticing for children!


PULL - Yes, there is a PULL feature, too

Each puzzle comes with a fabric scarf that can be pushed through each hole and pulled out the other end, creating a back-and-forth, non-verbal conversation of Give and Take. This process of give and take actually mimics a real conversation and is a crucial skill that can be shaped into actual conversational turns.


To make this puzzle even more useful, there are 3 songs in the Drills for Sounds CD set that correspond with each picture on the Push-Pull-Puzzle.


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