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TIRI-202 - Rock and Roll with a Language Goal CD Set 2
TIRI-202 - Rock and Roll with a Language Goal CD Set 2

TIRI-202 - Rock and Roll with a Language Goal CD Set 2

(formerly known as Kids’ Express Train’s KET Set 2 –Conversation Station and Rocking and Talking) -  Geared for ages 2 ½ years to early elementary age.


The two CDs from Rock and Roll with a Language Goal contain 24 songs that focus on a variety of different speech and language tasks. These two CDs are the most diverse of the Talk It Rock It CDs and is at a higher language level than the other 2 Double CD sets. They are both packed with speech and language tasks from multi-syllable word imitation to more complex verbal exercises such as understanding and answering questions, making comments, recognizing environmental sounds, and sequencing steps to daily routines. Half of the songs in this set are derived from favorite rock and roll tunes transformed into fun kids' songs with kid-friendly lyrics. These CDs are exciting, engaging, and filled with ways to enhance your child’s speech and language skills. Even parents will love these rock and roll tunes, so when your child wants to listen for the 100th time, you’ll be excited to turn on the CD. . A manual of activities and a CD-ROM of hundreds of printable visuals complete this set.


This set includes:

1. Two music CDs, Conversation Station and Rocking & Talking, with 24 songs to enhance speech and language skills (including 2 instrumental songs).

2. A 12-page manual with activities and objectives for each song.

3. CD-ROM with:

- over 250 song sheets in color and black & white,

- lyrics to all songs,

- a summary of our picture sheets,

- an article, "Makes Me Want to Sing”,

- thematic grouping of all songs,

- and a copy of our manual.


Rock and Roll with a Language Goal 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Cheese and Macaroni – Foods
  2. Slide – Vocabulary
  3. Bananas – Foods
  4. Brush – Concepts of same/different
  5. Go – Vehicles/”Go” imitation
  6. Round  We Go – Interaction song
  7. I dressed Myself – Clothes/storytelling
  8. I Love – L sound, common objects
  9. What Happened? – “What” questions
  10. No Way – Yes/No questions and verbal absurdities
  11. Scrambled Eggs – Four-step sequences
  12. Uh-Oh - Vocabulary 


Rock and Roll with a Language Goal 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Ball, Ball, Ball – Interaction Song
  2. Singing a Song – Syllable imitation/actions
  3. I Hear – Environmental sounds and listening
  4. Ha Ha Hiding – Hiding game with prepositions and question, “Where?”
  5. Alphabeat – Foods/beginning letter sounds for phonemic awareness
  6. Help Me Mama – Asking for help
  7. What’s That? – Common objects and understanding the question, “What?”
  8. Where Did My Shoes Go? – Searching game
  9. Snowman – Two-word phrase imitation/parts of a snowman
  10. Stop at the Door – Standing in line
  11. -12. Instrumentals of What’s That? And Alphabeat to create your own verses


Click Here to listen to a sample song.


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