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TIRI-203 - Drills for Sounds CD Set 3
TIRI-203 - Drills for Sounds CD Set 3

TIRI-203 - Drills for Sounds CD Set 3

(formerly known as Kids’ Express Train’s KET Set 3 –Drills for Wheels 1 and Drills for Wheels 2) - Geared for ages 2 ½ years to early elementary age.


The two CDs from Drills for Soundsareespecially beneficial for children with apraxia, articulation disorders, and/or phonological disorders who need practice sequencing sounds to produce words and phrases. Each song emphasizes a specific speech sound or group of sounds and blends those sounds in a variety of ways including repetitive chains, consonant-vowels, words, and simple phrases. Songs include practice of the following sounds: vowels, h, m, w, t, d, n, k, f, s, sh, ch, y, b, and j. The phrase, “your turn,” is included consistently throughout the CDs to give children cues to imitate. In addition this set contains both songs and raps that encourage naming, receptive identification, and gross motor imitation featuring our colorful scarves. A manual of activities and a CD-ROM of hundreds of printable visuals complete this set.


This set includes:

1. Two music CDs, Drills on Wheels 1 and 2, with 25 songs to enhance speech and language skills (including 2 instrumental songs),

2. A 12-page manual with activities and objectives for each song,

3. CD-ROM with:

- 200 song sheets in color and black & white,

- lyrics to all songs,

- a summary of our picture sheets,

- an article, "Makes Me Want to Sing”,

- thematic grouping of all songs,

- and a copy of our manual.


Drills for Sounds 1 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Jump on the Choo Choo – Ch, J sounds
  2. Vowels – Vowel combinations
  3. Happy Birthday Cake and Cookies – K sound
  4. Ha, Ha, Ha – H sound
  5. A Monkey, a Moose, and a Mouse – M sound
  6. Wheels – W sound
  7. Tiny Tony – Body parts and T+N sound combinations
  8. Howls and Hoots – Storytelling/animal sounds
  9. Fish, Sharks, and Shells – F, Sh sounds
  10. Hissing Snake – S sound
  11. No, No, Nigh, Night – Going to bed and N sound
  12. All Done Playing – Cleaning up toys and D sound


Drills for Sounds 2 Song Names and Primary Goals

  1. Bus, Boat, Bike – Vehicles
  2. Fish, Birds, Bunnies – Gross motor imitation
  3. Ride the Horsie – Y, W sounds
  4. Talk and Look – Common objects pointing to and imitating
  5. I See a Bug – Two-word phrases/colors
  6. Let Me Hear You Say – Two-syllable words
  7. In, Out, Up, Down – Prepositions
  8. Shake and Wave – Gross motor imitation
  9. Sounds Make Words – Combining sounds
  10. What’s That? – Common objects and using the question, “What?”
  11. Hippopotamus – Storytelling
  12. -13. Instrumentals of Fish, Birds, Bunnies and Let Me Hear You Say to create your own songs


Click Here to listen to a sample song.


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