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TIRI-702 - WE CAN TALK, Book
TIRI-702 - WE CAN TALK, Book

TIRI-702 - WE CAN TALK, Book

WE CAN TALK – Tips for enhancing your child’s speech and language, is all about communicating with children and describes 9 techniques for enhancing your child’s communication skills. Written in parent friendly terms by Rachel Arntson, Speech-Language Pathologist, WE CAN TALK gives practical suggestions on how to implement the 9 techniques during daily routines and play.  Both parents and professionals will find this book helpful in guiding children along the path of talking, listening, and interacting with others.

WE CAN TALK is also available in a downloadable format! In addition to the paper-back book, WE CAN TALK can also be purchased as a downloadable CD-ROM so that professionals can print out specific chapters to use for teaching parents.



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